OSL – Digital Big Screen, Arrival Domestic West



1800 x 1260 pixels

Please note that the screen wraps around a corner. Be careful about placements of content (text/logos) that are close to the corner of the screen.

Ad length

10 seconds


MP4 or MOV. Use H264 codec for MP4. Do not exceed 20000 KB/S
JPG or PNG. 72 DPI

Material deadline

Minimum 3 working days before campaign start. Exceptions for HTML, see below.

Delivery notes

Name files with:


E.g: AmericanExpress_2019_w39_OSL_BigScreenDomArrWest

Other notes

Please avoid very small text if possible.

HTML: Resolution may vary.

Please contact planner@clearchannel.no for exact information.

Deadline delivery: 10 working days.

Upload files to ClearChannel here: http//clearchannel.no/last-opp-filer/

Ring oss

22 02 34 00. Eller send en epost til post@clearchannel.no