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We are creating the future of media

Clear Channel is part of Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, one of the world's largest distributors of outdoor advertising. We share a clear vision with colleagues in 26 countries; Creating the future of media. The vision guides us in our daily work and points out the right direction for the future. We believe that the media of the future should be as attractive to advertisers as they are sustainable for society, and we therefore work actively to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to the cities and the people who live there.

A sustainable and environmental choice

We operate with an awareness that our business has both a positive and negative impact on the environment at local, national and global level. As an established media and infrastructure partner for society and advertisers, we take responsibility for helping to protect the environment and minimize pollution, wherever in the world we operate.

Our work is based on our guidelines for environmental sustainability and ethical guidelines, and in the organization our roles and areas of responsibility are clear.

Working on reducing our impact

Clear Channel works continuously to reduce all forms of environmental impact and resource consumption related to our products and services. We have identified that the areas where we have the greatest environmental impact are transport and consumption of electricity.

To reduce the burden on the environment, we have ensured that all our own electricity contracts are linked to green electricity, and we have introduced an environmentally friendly travel and car policy. In 2021, we specified our environmental requirements in all new supplier agreements.

Going forward, we are working to ensure that all our partners’ electricity contracts also refer to green electricity, and that our suppliers in all geographical areas where it is practically possible use environmentally friendly vehicles.

We are continuously working on several measures to reduce our impact on the environment:

  • All the electricity we buy is 100% renewable.
  • Materials that can be repaired, reused or recycled are prioritized over materials that must be landfilled.
  • We minimize the environmental impact through preventive measures to prevent pollution.
  • We wash all our fixtures with ultra-pure water.
  • All our electricity contracts contain renewable electricity.
  • The paper for our posters is Nordic Swan Ecolabelled and produced at Grycksbo Paper Mill, which has zero fossil greenhouse gas emissions in production. In addition, we buy from 07 Media, which, among other things, holds an FSC certificate and is labeled with the Rainforest Alliance and the Nordic Ecolabel.
  • We recycle all posters at recycling stations. All contractors are surveyed and followed up.
  • We set and continuously monitor our environmental targets.
  • We inform employees about the company’s environmental work.
  • We comply with applicable laws, regulations and other requirements for internal control.
  • We carry out internal audits every year, and external audits every three years, on our quality and environmental work.
  • We follow up quality and environmental work with our contractors.

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Our commitments

  • Since 2021, Clear Channel has been associated with the UN Global Compact, which is the UN’s organization for sustainable business. It obliges us to follow important principles in the fields of human rights, labor law, the environment and anti-corruption.
  • Clear Channel undertakes to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions from its operations (scope 1 and 2) by 2030, and for scope 3 by 2045. We use the Greenhouse Gas Protocol as a basis for calculating our emissions.
  • Clear Channel Norway has been Environmental Lighthouse certified since 2005.
  • Clear Channel Norway fulfills common criteria and industry criteria for tenants.


Clear Channel ESG Report 2022 Sustainability report

Clear Channel Human Rights Policy Human Rights Policy

Clear Channel Ethical Supply Chain Statement Ethical Supply Chain Statement

Rapport - aktivitetsplikt i medhold av Likestillings- og diskrimineringsloven Equality and discrimination report 2022

Great opportunities to reach out. Great responsibility to make a difference.

We are proud to be able to offer Scandinavia’s largest platform for brands that want to reach out and engage people in places where they live, move and travel. This means great opportunities. But also a great responsibility. We therefore have a clear goal that our presence should contribute to nicer, more dynamic and more sustainable cities and airports.

We continuously invest in infrastructure and projects to find new and interesting ways to continue to make outdoor advertising a platform that gives back  to society.

An extensive city commitment is an integral part of what we work with, and each advertising purchase contributes to, among other things, tax revenue in the country, that new reading centers are built and maintained, that charitable organizations get the chance to be shown large throughout the country and that public transport can be improved and monthly passes are discounted.

Out-of-home advertising enables city bikes

Clear Channel offers advertising-funded city bike systems in several cities in Norway. All bikes and racks as well as all operations are financed by the company. The largest and most modern systems are in Oslo and Trondheim. Renewed trust in Clear Channel and our operating partners shows that we deliver a timely and good service. The city cycle agreements are an important part of the cities’ commitment to the environment, and contribute to the work to create sustainable and dynamic city centres.


Built 700 new bus stop pillars, shelters and bus shelters in the last three years

From 2019 to 2022, Clear Channel built 200 shelters and 200 bus stop pillars in Oslo. The shelters are modern with real-time travel data and the option to charge mobile phones. These are in addition to the 300 shelters in Oslo that the company has operated for many years. In 2018, Clear Channel started the construction of 200 new, modern bus shelters in Trondheim, and 140 metro bus shelters for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. In Trondheim, 330 bus shelters have been replaced with new ones, which are up to 70 per cent more energy efficient. Selected stops have 100 percent renewable energy from their own solar panels. The bus shelters are produced from an extremely durable material, which reduces our environmental footprint when it comes to operation throughout the bus shelter’s lifetime. In Tromsø, Clear Channel uses a Norwegian design with climate-friendly wooden materials when upgrading and replacing up to 300 shelters and bus stops over the next ten years.

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Clear Channel supports small. local businesses

During the pandemic, many small businesses have faced major challenges in the form of cancellations, fewer customers and, as a result, a reduced turnover – which creates a great commitment among regular customers who want to contribute.

To support small businesses, Clear Channel opened up the platform and made it possible to promote local gems in some of Scandinavia’s largest cities. We did this as part of contributing to diversity in the cityscapes, and to help local businesses in their struggle to survive during the pandemic. In Norway, the initiative was named Lokale Oslo.

Read more about the launch of Lokale Oslo, engagement arount the initiative and the summer version of the initiative.


Platform for Good

We are convinced that inclusion and diversity are crucial issues for nicer, more dynamic and more sustainable cities and airports. We choose to enter into partnerships and initiatives where we can help people feel safe, involved and included in society and allow socially important messages to be displayed on our platform.​

You will find a short presentation of some of our collaborations here.


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