Meet the customers where they are

Clear Channel is Scandinavia's leading outdoor media company with the market's best reach.
Through 39,200 digital and classic advertising surfaces, in carefully selected locations around Norway, we offer the opportunity to reach and engage people with creative communication in an outdoor environment. Campaigns with us strengthen brands while inspiring people and making our urban environments more dynamic. A simply fantastic business model, where a high percentage of the advertising revenue is reinvested in the cities.


Airports are Norway’s largest arena for B2B and B2C premium marketing. In 2022, there were 45.5 million travelers by plane in Norway, many of whom were on business trips. (Source: Avinor). We enable advertising at 6 of the country’s largest airports, which represents 86% of all travelers. The airports are considered some of the most exclusive airports in Norway, and are suitable for everything from the launch of cars with the exhibition of the latest model to long-term profiling and branding on large screens. Create powerful impact and achieve high frequency with your campaign at the airports and enjoy the effects of long exposure time with our world class media packages. Read more


The grocery concept is tailored with advertising surfaces in close proximity to grocery stores, and has as its main objective to help increase sales and build stronger customer loyalty. We know that influencing the customer close to the purchase situation is very effective. That is why we offer a full-page advertisement in “Dagligvarehandelen” four weeks before the start of the campaign, where we encourage merchants to order an extra amount of the campaign product, so that they are also well prepared for the demand and opportunity that will come. Read more


Point of sale drives sales. With advertising inside and outside malls, you reach consumers extremely close to the purchase. 7 out of 10 purchase decisions are made in the stores. Make sure that the customers have your product at the top of their minds before they enter the stores. Read more


Out-of-home advertising is a natural part of the city landscape. As an advertiser you can maximise your visibility with powerful communication, with the opportunity to reach a large group of people. With today’s technology, you can combine classic with digital and interactive campaigns to reach your audiences creatively and with the best results. We exist where the purchasing power is the greatest. Make your selection geographically, demographically or based on behaviour. Read more


Reach a large audience in the transit environment with frequency and impact. Every week there are millions of single passenger boardings in the public transport in the environment of Viken (surrounding Oslo), Trondheim and Stavanger. With advertisement in and on the buses, you will reach your consumers on their way between work, school, leisure and shopping. Read more

A large audience

No other advertising channel today can give you as good coverage and frequency with the same cost effectiveness as out of home (OOH) advertising with us. You can simply do more with less!



We are nationwide and by far the largest in Norway. We have city furniture agreements with 25 Norwegian cities, city bikes in Oslo and Trondheim (soon also in Bergen), all traffic advertising in public transport in Oslo and Akershus, advertising rights at six of the largest airports in Norway, as well as at the country's largest shopping centres.

Exposures per week

200 mill.

We can help you create campaigns that really reach and are remembered by your target groups, in a way that they like and that is not perceived as intrusive. No other channel can provide as good a frequency at the same price as OOH advertising!

National coverage


We reach as much as 65 percent of the entire population in Norway through our advertising surfaces. Advertising with us means that you hit the market with great power and accuracy. Alone or in combination with other media, OOH advertising offers great scope for creativity with campaigns that "everyone" sees.


Clear Channel appoints sustainability expert for the Scandinavian market

16th of December 2022

Katarzyna Żabicka assumes the new role Quality and Sustainability Developer. Clear Channel Scandinavia thereby accelerates its sustainability and quality work.


Ongoing efforts regarding the war in Ukraine


We are proud to be able to offer Scandinavia’s largest platform for brands that want to reach out and engage people in places where they live, travel and move on a daily basis. But we are not content with that. With great opportunities to reach out, we also have a responsibility to make a difference, and therefore we have a clear vision that our presence in the cities shall contribute to nicer, more dynamic and sustainable environments. Right now we use our platform to show our support to the Ukrainian people by donating media space to humanitarian aid organizations that work hard as a result of the invasion in Ukraine.