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Please share your campaign material with us by uploading your files here.

In order to make it easier for you, we explain the Norwegian words and what to do in each field:

Name your files
Name your file or files like this: Order number_customer_name_campaign_week/weeks_format_image number. For example: 72445_OsloPride_OsloPrideBliFrivillig_20-21_PlayAdshel_PlaySpectacular_1. Image number is used if you have two or more different designs.

Avsenders e-postadresse
Please insert your own e-mail address.

Clear Channel ordernummer
Please insert the order ID from the order confirmation you got on e-mail as a PDF when you booked.

Please insert the name of the advertiser, in example: Orkla, Equinor etc.

Choose the format you have chosen for the campaign (if you are unsure, see the order confirmation you got on e-mail as a PDF when you booked).

Please write the week number(s) of the week(s) for when your campaign is to run. Uncertain of week number? Check this link, and see under “Uke”.

Antall ulike motiv
Please write the number of different creatives you are planning to show.

The big field at the end
Please share important information about your campaign, such as distrubution, when to be shown etc. If you have more than one creative: Please enter information on the different creatives, such as what order they are to be shown, where to be shown etc.

Use the buttons Add Files and Add Folder to add your file(s). When ready, please click Send.

Please note
Please note that if these fields are not filled out as above, there is a risk that we will not be able to find your material.

(If the upload form does not load, please try reloading the entire page.)

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