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Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CCO) is one of the world’s largest outdoor media companies with a wide portfolio of 450,000 advertising panels in 31 countries in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. We have a bold vision which both spells out our unique position in the market today, as well as outlining our aspirations for tomorrow: Creating the future of media.

What we offer

Clear Channel offer the best reach at the market with several hundred thousand classic and digital surfaces in city and airport environment where millions of people are moving daily. ​With approximately 220 employees in Norway, Denmark and Sweden, the daily points of contact with customers and partners are both local, national and scandinavian.​

When we put together our offers, there are four areas that are most important to us and that we see as creating the greatest value for our customers. ​​

  • We offer exceptional reach and impact.
  • We are reshaping ​the media landscape.

  • We provide ​the most preferred and trustworthy media.

  • ​We make Nordic cities and ​airports livelier, ​more enjoyable and sustainable.

Exceptional reach and impact.

We offer a platform where you as a customer can benefit from exceptionally strong reach when communicaing with target groups throughout the Nordics. This gives you good conditions for creating strong impact.

​​We are the number one reach media provider in the Nordics. At a highly competitive cost rate, we offer a cost-effective way of reaching the Nordic citizens and tourists exploring the North​​

The unique ability to amplify other media channels makes Out of Home dvertising (OOH) the obvious choice in the media mix. ​​When interacting with people IRL, OOH creativity offers long lasting memorability, noticeability and unmissable impact

All marketing is about reaching out and influencing people. A prerequisite to succeed is that people are actually exposed to and remember your messages.​​​​

It all starts with reach. Whether you want to build relationships with potential or current customers, create awareness around your products or make sure your brand is top of mind of your customers when they are making the purchase decision, you need reach to reach out and expose people to your message. Brands that are not visible, cannot expect to be remembered.​​

We offer the best reach in the Nordic region, which gives you as a customer the opportunity to reach out widely, at a competitive cost in a channel that stands strong for itself or as part of the media mix. The opportunities for creativity that out of home advertising offers are an important reason why this type of advertising is effective and attaches itself to people’s consciousness without being intrusive or disruptive.​​


Reshaping the media landscape.

With the smart technology behind our digital signs, brands can reach the right target groups with the right and relevant message. Brands can maximize impact on B2B decision-makers by targeting the advertisement to a certain area or time of day. 

Our expanding digital network creates outstanding conditions for contextual and highly relevant advertising. Our investments in new ways of measuring and evaluating flow data and exposures provide unique opportunities for brands to target their campaigns without people feeling followed.

OOH drives actions and triggers consumer behaviour and digital activation, better than any other media. We’re continuously exploring new ways of trading, to offer the best customer experience.

And very importantly: We offer smart technology and dynamic advertising, where you can adjust the message to time, happenings, weather or other parameters of your choice.


The most preferred and trustworthy media.

In today’s advertising-tired society, we are also extra happy to be able to offer a platform that people like and that they experience as credible. 

OOH is the most preferred reach media channel. OOH advertising creates the impression of a trustworthy and quality brand, not least among young target groups. Our wide veriety of outdoor screens provides a non-intrusive viewability, which is more important than ever, when people tend to feel tired of advertising to a larger extent.

The last and oldest reach media has shown strong growth numbers compared to other traditional media channels the past decade.

People like out of home advertising! Out of home advertising is the most popular reach medium, – it stands out in terms of how it is experienced, which has become absolutely critical in a time of otherwise high advertisement fatigue.​​

In addition to being well-liked, advertising in the public space is perceived as highly credible. This applies to all age groups and is most evident in the young age groups, who both like, pay attention to and act on outdoor advertising to a great extent!


We make Nordic cities and airports livelier, more enjoyable and sustainable.

We are proud to be able to offer Scandinavia’s largest platform for brands that reach out and engage people in places where they live, travel and move on a daily basis. But we are not content with that. With great opportunities to reach out, we also have a great responsibility to make a difference, and we therefore have a clear vision that our presence should contribute to livelier, more enjoyable and sustainable cities and airports.

high percentage of our advertising revenue is returned to or invested in local communities or goes to providing public services. We continuously invest in infrastructure and projects to find new and interesting ways to continue to make outdoor advertising a platform that does good.

We know that the future of media needs to be as attractive to advertisers as it is kind to our planet, and we work actively to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to the city and to the people who live there.

We are convinced that inclusion and diversity are crucial issues for livelier, more enjoyable and sustainable cities and airports. We choose to enter into partnerships and initiatives where we can contribute to people feeling safe, involved and included in the society and allow socially important messages to be prominently displayed on our platform.​​

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