Simple and safe to leave the production of posters to us

It should be easy for you to buy media from us. It is therefore in our interest that you entrust the production of posters to us. In addition, it is important to us that you should be able to advertise on our platform with a clear conscience. That is why we use a Swan Ecolabel printing company for the production of posters.

Bille’s printing house is Nordic Ecolabelled and climate neutral. Since 2011, the printing plant has reduced its climate impact by 84%, and it climate compensates 100% for its own emissions of CO2 based on the UN guidelines Green Gas Protocol.

Printing method

We take the individual campaign and your wishes as a starting point when we recommend which printing method should be used for your posters.


Printing method: Offset

Best for larger editions with few motives, it is possible to get support printing, which means that you also print on the back of the poster. This creates a depth in the subject as well as a stronger contrast when the display is lit from behind. Offset has a high start-up cost, then has a low unit price.

Offset 4+3
Printed with four colors on the front and three on the back. Stylish and maintains a high quality, provides a good contrast in the dark. Recommended for larger editions/national campaigns.

Offset 4+0
Print on the front only. Recommended for larger runs, but where you want to keep the cost down compared to 4+3.

Offset 4+4
Printed with four colors on the front and four on the back. Provides an increased contrast compared to 4+3 (used very rarely).

Printing method: Digital

Used for smaller editions or editions with many motives. Digital is only printed on the front and can be printed on paper or plastic. Digital has a lower initial cost than Offset, but a higher unit price.

Digital 4+0 Paper
Perfect for smaller customers who want to go for more motives. Can be printed quickly and gives a good result.

Digital 4+0 Plastic
Used for small editions that must be up over a longer period. Relatively expensive to print, with gives an exclusive feeling.

For editions with over 70 posters with 1 motive, we recommend Offset.

Active and continuous environmental work

We believe that the media of the future should be as attractive to advertisers as they are sustainable for society, and we therefore work actively to reduce all forms of environmental impact and resource consumption related to our products and services, and also contribute to the cities and the people who live there. Read more about what we do to reduce our impact on the environment here.

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