Programmatic OOH

Do you want to increase the flexibility and accuracy of your digital outdoor campaign? This is easily done trough buying programmatic. We have more than 1300 surfaces available in Norway through which your brand can reach your target groups and create impact.

Programmatic means that an automated purchase is made between a sell and a buy platform that is connected to an ad exchange. If you want to tailor campaign content according to weather or display messages according to geographic control, then this is something for your brand. Today, the programmatic commerce is increasing amongst the digital out of home (DOOH) campaigns. A programmatic campaign is a good complement to directly booked campaigns when you want to increase the presence at selected locations at certain periods of the day or week, according to specific parameters.

Can you as a customer be seen on our digital screens via programmatic purchases? Yes, of course! To carry out programmatic purchases, you need to be connected to a purchase platform, DSP (Demand Side Platform), which is integrated with a sales platform; SPP (Supply Side Platform). The results of the campaign can easily be measured.

Delivery specifications

We offer programmatic purchases on three types of digital surfaces in Norway: Play Adshel, Play Billboard og Play Spectacular.

Play Adshel are large signs that are available both as stand-alone signs and wall-hung signs. Play Billboard are even larger billboards that can be found in the inner city environment, and Play Spectacular is our largest format, characterized by the huge size of the surfaces all located at busy environments in the city.

The material specifications for the various sizes are found here, all good to keep an eye on when designing a campaign.


Do you want to know more about how you can strengthen your brand with a programmatic outdoor campaign? Get in touch today, and we’ll help you.

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Sales Manager Programmatic

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Head of Commercial

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