The most effective outdoor campaigns capture the essence of a message with a clear expression. Large formats and premium placements alone are therefore not enough to achieve the desired attention and effect.

7 simple tips on how your product can stand out from other advertisers

1. Stand out. You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of by-passers. It is therefore important that the message is simple and clear, and that your sender ID is clearly visible.

2. Be creative! Photos and graphic elements are as important as words. Make sure these elements clarify your message and create an overall impression. Good production methods allow you to use increasingly complex images with creative expressions. Strong images against simple backgrounds create effective messages.

3. Use clear writing. The text must be large and clear enough to be perceived from a distance.

4. Be short and clear in your message. The most effective outdoor campaigns are those that are easiest to perceive. Keep the text short and precise, and present a clear message without ambiguity

5. Be aware of your use of colors. Your message can determine the use of color, and you should utilize the signal effect of colors to achieve the desired impression. Strong contrasts in hue and value are important for creating good campaigns, and work best for viewing outdoor advertising from a distance. However, remember that some color combinations can reduce readability.

6. Do not lose focus. Make it as easy as possible for the target audience to understand the message, and focus on key visual elements. Simple messages are often more successful.

7. Take advantage of your campaign. Feel free to use integrated communication in several channels for increased campaign effectiveness.

A rule of thumb is that the entire message of a good outdoor campaign should appear on a matchbox if you compress the print file to the size of one.

We see that liking is a strong driver for your target group to act based on the message, whether this is the desired purchase, visit or to reach their contact point. There are significant differences between those who like and those who are indifferent/dislike the advertisement, when we look at both brand and intention. Among those who like it, there is from an 80 percent probability that they will buy, while among those who are indifferent/dislike it can vary from a minimum of 10 percent.

All our products require adaptation due to location and format, but the seven points above are always at the bottom.

Digital production

In the video below, you’ll get tips on how to best utilize the outdoor media’s digital possibilities.

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