The following specifications are for HTML only.

Formats Malls and Metro

PLAY Metro and PLAY Shopping: 1080 x 1920px

PLAY Metro Escalator, Stortinget: 720 x 1280px

PLAY Big Screen, Byporten Shopping: 560 x 448px

Play Spectacular Metro Jernbanetorget, 3120x945px

Play Billboard Stortinget, 1200x675px

Play Billboard Nasjonalteateret, 1680x945px



Standard: 1920x1080px

Exceptions for:

Oslo Airport:



Domestic Arrival

Bodø Airport:

Big Screen Departure

Ad length

Standard playtime 10 seconds but can vary.

Verify ad length with order confirmation.


Maximum of 25 frames/second

Material deadline

Minimum 10 working days before campaign starts.

Delivery notes

If solution is externally hosted:

The solution should be as light as possible in regards to KB. URL per motive must be delivered to Clear Channel. If more than one motive, description about how the solution is supposed to look, must be delivered with the URLs.

If solution is hosted by Clear Channel:

The entire HTML package must be delivered as a self-containing zip-package, with the main document as an HTML document. All static elements should be contained within the zip, but dynamic/live elements can still be grabbed from external servers. This solution is preferred for solutions containing heavy images or videos.

For both solutions:

The HTML document is pre-loaded into the memory of the player a few seconds before the solution is shown on a monitor. Any animations will start when pre-load starts.


To pause animations until it’s played, use instructions on this page:

This functionality is not mandatory to use.

Using the functionality described in the link above, will make the page look faulty in any browser, but will play correct in our playback system.

Get in touch with if you have questions regarding html-solutions.

Other notes

The system engine is based on Chromium 59 and must be produced with the possibilities limited to that version. We cannot guarantee that functionality in Chromium 60 or later will work

Upload files to ClearChannel here: http//

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