Airport OSL – Mega Board SAS Lounge



Visible area





  • Document is preferably made in 1:2*
    • Effective DPI: 150 or higher
    • CMYK (preferably FOGRA39)
    • No bleed
    • Fonts must be vectorized (saved as text contours)

* Files can also be made in e.g 1:1.
Remember to adjust the DPI accordingly.

Material deadline

At least 10 working days (at 8 am) before the campaign commences, or as stated in the order confirmation, finished original must be sent to Clear Channel.

Upload print-ready PDFs at: https://www.clearchannel.no/last-opp-filer/

  1. From:Enter your e-mail address.
    2. Subject:Enter advertiser, campaign name and week.
    3. Message: Enter any other relevant information about the original/campaign (e.g. the distribution of the motifs)

Delivery notes

The high-resolution PDF must be named OSL, ADVERTISER, FORMAT and WEEK OF CAMPAIGN.

Other notes

Please contact campaignmanagement@clearchannel.no if you need help or have any questions regarding the delivery specifications.

Upload files to ClearChannel here: http//clearchannel.no/last-opp-filer/

Ring oss

22 02 34 00. Eller send en epost til post@clearchannel.no