Reach an affluent audience at the Nordic airports

Advertisement at the airport drives brand awareness, consideration and intent among travelers, while also providing a first and last impression. Clear Channel’s Nordic platform covers the key airports in Norway, Denmark and Finland. Our exclusive premium portfolio helps advertisers to connect northern travelers with brands of the world.

Worldclass media in wordclass airports.​

Three of the worlds most exclusive airports in the world are located by the Nordic capitals Helsinki, Oslo and Copenhagen, and together with our premium medias they form unique platforms perfect for creating strong impact that gives good conversion rate and ROI. ​​​The airports represent a highly efficient brand building marketing channel. In 2022 an estimated 67 M passengers travelled on all three airports.

Why airport?

Create a highly effective and impactful campaign specific to your brand with spectacular banners, unmissable billboards and creative event areas, designed to make your brand stand out and allowing you to engage with you audience in the most impactful way.​​​​​​​


​​​Premium channel

The airports located by the Nordic capitals Helsinki, Oslo and Copenhagen are seen as three of the most exclusive airports in the world. ​​The airports represent unique environments with our high-quality platform for brand building and activating advertising.


Valuable Audience

The airports offer advertisers a captive environment to engage decision makers with significant purchasing power with their brand. In addition to a high income, many of the travellers at the three airports have strong influence on a broad network of friends, family and others. 


Extensive dwell time

For many travelers the journey starts when entering the airport, their first prime stop of their journey. A typical traveler at Helsinki airport spends 2-3 hours at the airport, and a the average traveler at Oslo Airport spend 1 hour and 45 minutes at the airport. The dwell time is ideal for inspiring the consumer.


High frequency

When travelers stay at the airport, they go through the various areas; arrival, check-in, security, the shopping and dining area and departure, all perfect for exposing the audience to your message. A repetetive message increases the noticeability.


Positive state of mind

When advertising at the airport, you reach the audience when they are at a positive state of mind.​​ People move trough the airport with an open mind, thus experiencing and perceiving advertising better. 85% of leisure-time travellers and as much as 65% of business travellers are in good mood at the airport, according to Finnish ToinenPHD study.


Purchasing mode

Passengers are in purchasing mode when they visit the airports. According to a study, 88% of leisure-time travellers and 69% of business travellers at Helsinki Airport visit the airport’s shops before boarding. (Source: ToinenPHD study)


​​​High noticeability

Digital screens at airports attracts a lot of attention. 80% say they tend to notice campaigns at airport, according to a study by Opinion from 2022 in Norway. Half of the travelers say that they have looked up a product on either a mobile phone or a computer after seeing the advertisement. 5 out of 10 answer that they have spoken to others about advertisements they have seen at the airport.


Increased consideration

Advertising in airports increase consideration of the ​​​product advertised. According to OCS 2019, 53% say that they agree that advertising at airports makes them more likely to consider buying the advertised product/service.


Increased sales

According to a study by Opinion from 2022 in Norway half of the travelers say that they buy goods that are in an airport campaign. 48% have made at least one purchase as a direct consequence of the advertising they have seen at the airport.


Affluent travellers

When advertising at the airports of Copenhagen, Helsinki and Oslo, you reach an audience that represent high purchasing power.  The average income of all travellers between 30 and 59 years at Oslo Airport is 57.000 Euro (Source: Avinor).  In Finland, 29% of the travellers earn more than 50.000 Euro a year (Source: Finavia).  ​​

The target groups emphasized at the airports include the following:
-highly educated people
-high-income people
-employees in decision-making and leading positions. 

The airports represent B2B media environment, an absolute must be at arena for advertisers seeking business decision-makers.

According to a survey commissioned by Finavia, people in managerial positions and experts are emphasized among the customers of Helsinki Airport. Taloustutkimus1 study commissioned by Clear Channel also supports the claim: ​44% of Finnish business travelers are responsible for procurement. 

GANT has had campaigns with Clear Channel at OSL for years. The airport is an arena for our communications and brand development. The exclusivity offered and a target audience with particularly high spending power have both been important factors in our choice of this channel. 

Lasse Transet, CEO of GANT

Oslo Airport

​At Oslo Airport brands can reach about 26 million travellers a year* at around 150 surfaces​​ and greatly locaded advertising spaces.​​ About the travelers: ​​

  • 68% of the travelers are in the age group 30-69 ​​
  • 60% of the travelers have a university education
  • 18% have a purchasing budget
  • 27% earn more than 75,000 euros per year​​
  • Travelers spend an average of 1 hour and 45 minutes at the airport​​
  • 42% of airport travelers act on advertising at airports (visiting a store or website) ​​

See more about the Norwegian airports here.
*= Source: Avinor


Copenhagen Airport

​At Copenhagen Airport brands can reach an about 25 million travellers a year* at around 225 surfaces​​ and greatly locaded advertising spaces.​​ About the travelers: ​​

  • 33% business travelers ​​
  • 67% leisure travelers.​​
  • 56% Scandinavian travelers​​
  • Premium billboards distributed among all phases that travelers go through at the airport.​

See more about Copenhagen Airport here.
*= Source: CPH Airport


Helsinki Airport

​At Helsinki Airport brands can reach an about 15 million travellers a year* at around 405 surfaces. About the travelers: ​​

  • 35% business travelers​​, 44% of these are responsible for procurement.
  • 66% of the travelers have a university education.​​
  • 70% of travelers live in an apartment they own​​.
  • Special audience: The travelers of the airport represent an unique mix of Nordic and Asian travelers. ​​
  • The Asian travelers represent a group of affluent people that often have many connections and tend to influence others. ​​

See more about Helsinki Airport here.
*=Source: Finavia.


About Clear Channel

Clear Channel is one of the world’s largest outdoor media companies. Clear Channel in the Nordics offer the best reach in the market with classic and digital surfaces in city and airport environment where millions of people are moving daily. ​​​With approximately 300 employees in Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden, the daily points of contact with customers and partners are both local, national and Nordic.​​​​​ Read more here.


Tonje Gustavsen

Key Account Manager

Gro Nundal

Key Account Manager

Anita Pedersen

International Key Account Manager

Dag Erik Bratvold Lindseth

International Key Account Manager

Finn Espen Lønseth-Sageng

Head of Airport Media


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