Terms & Conditions for Create campaigns

Order deadline: 4 weeks before the start of the campaign

Material deadline:

  • Standard print: 10 working days before the start of the campaign
  • Lens print: 15 working days before the start of the campaign
  • Products for sampling are delivered 10 working days before the start of the campaign

Delivery of print files: Sent by email to with a Wetransfer link or

Assembly/dismantling: Create campaigns are assembled/dismantled in the period Sunday-Monday. If you want other days, this must be agreed in advance.

Photo and film: Photographer’s photos of 1-2 Lag locations are included per campaign. Photo and film beyond this can be arranged for an additional price.

  • Standard film – 1-2 locations, 1-2 hours of recording, up to 30 sec finished film. NOK NOK 6,000
  • Premium film – 2-4 locations, 2-4 hours of recording, 1-2 min finished film. NOK NOK 10,000

Copyright: All Clear Channel ideas are their property and may not be used for other outdoor actors.

Inspection, maintenance and spare material are not included, but can be agreed for a surcharge.

Agreements on changes made directly between the customer and subcontractor are not covered by the budget if not agreed.

Vandalism: If vandalism occurs beyond our control, Clear Channel will not cover the costs. We will assist in rectifying the damage as quickly as possible.

Cancellation conditions and other sales conditions follow our standard sales contract and conditions.

Market place

Inspection: When booking a market place, the customer/responsible person should attend to agree on the exact location. If this is not possible, Clear Channel must be authorized to determine the location. Costs will be incurred for subsequent changes.

Set-up and take-down: One day before and after the campaign must be set aside for rigging. Rental of the market place also applies during the rigging period.

Power: Starting price NOK 6,500

Security/guarding is not included. To be agreed if necessary for an additional price.

Staff: All market places in the shopping center must be staffed during all opening hours.

Sound: Use of sound must be agreed. Amplified sound requires an application and is only permitted with special permission.

Sales: There are different rules regarding the possibility of sales depending on the location. See own marketplace permit.

Littering: The customer must ensure that the area is kept tidy during the campaign period.

Terms & conditions

  1. CC is not responsible for replacing a broken installation due to vandalism/criminal behavior and cannot compensate for loss of media investments.
  2. Control and sight-inspection during the campaign period is not included if not otherwise agreed.
  3. Two premium photos of Create installations in Oslo is included. If the client would like more photos or a film, there will be an additional cost.
  4. CC is not responsible for consequences of Force Majeure (eg. extreme weather conditions/demonstrations/building work/events that are outside of our control).
  5. If the delivery of material is delayed there will be an additional express cost for the production, if not otherwise agreed.
  6. Approval of installation placement on marketplace arenas must be agreed in advance of the campaign. The client must meet on site or give signoff to CC/another party to approve. Changes of placement after installation on site will result in an additional cost.

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