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Oslo Airport is one of Europe's busiest international airports. In 2022, Oslo Airport had 22.5 million travelers*. The airport has routes to all of Norway and the rest of the world. Oslo Airport meets an audience that is positive and receptive, where advertising is part of the journey.

*Source: Avinor.

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Explore the options in this overview of how where we have surfaces at the airport.

Below you can see characterizes each of the different surfaces:


The Fame

The Fame is Europe’s largest digital cube, and is placed in the check-in area at OSL. The cube consists of four digital screens, each of which is 14 square meters, with a total of 56 square meters. This gives advertisers enormous visibility on premium surfaces. In combination with the other products in the check-in area, this provides an enormous opportunity to meet travelers on large impact surfaces, both analogue and digital, from the first minute of the journey. The average time for a traveler at Oslo Airport is two hours. If we break this down, we see that one of the areas where the most time is spent is precisely the check-in area.

Panorama Banner, Check-in

On the west wall of the check-in area at Oslo Airport you will find our Panorama Banner. With its special shape and enormous size, it catches the attention of travelers moving through the check-in area and through security. All travelers enter here, making the traffic flow in this area among the highest in the entire airport.


Spectacular Departure

Immediately after the security check at Oslo Airport, the travelers are met by Spectacular, a spectacular screen, as the name suggests. Parts of the screen are used for information about the flights, which makes the placement of messages here extra visible. The visibility helps to enable a huge impact for brands that want to put themselves on the agenda of the travelers.


Storm Total

At Oslo Airport, travelers are met by 18 large, synchronized screens in both the domestic terminal and the international terminal. These are called Storm Total and form the largest network at the airport. The premium displays give your brand the impact and notoriety it deserves, as the displays reach every traveler moving through the airport.



On the southern wall of the check-in area at Oslo Airport you will find our Mega Banner Glass Wall. With its impressive size of 120 square meters, it grabs the attention of both arriving and departing travelers.


Premium Banner

The Premium Banner at the SAS lounge is an area that hits an extra large number of business travelers. The lounge is used by many to have a break, work or have conversations with fellow travelers or others. By placing a message here, you can reach travelers when the pace is slower and attention is higher.


Gate Towers

Our largest banner series can be found on the towers by the streets. Gate Towers constitute premium locations in both the domestic and international terminals, and are seen by both arriving and departing passengers. Advertising on Gate Towers gives your brand an opportunity to dominate the largest areas with the most impact at Oslo’s main airport.


Mega Board Int Arr Mezzanin

With its width of nine meters, the Mega Board Int Arr Mezzanine is definitely an eye-catcher. The location, in the arrivals section of the international terminal, gives your brand opportunities for creative and spectacular solutions.



The largest network of screens at Oslo Airport consists of 77 screens on which travelers meet throughout their journey internally at the airport. The screens communicate to all travelers, and provide a formidable reach through the airport. By adapting the message and selecting certain screens, you can purposefully select, for example, the area for international travel or the area for departures. Breeze consists of screens near the streets, restaurants, mezzanines and luggage belts. Breeze covers all six of our airports with a total of 177 screens in what makes up Breeze National.


Digital Big Screen Arrival Domestic West

On arrival at Oslo Airport, you are greeted by a spectacular screen, both because of its large size and its special shape. It takes up large parts of an entire wall in height, and consists of two parts that are built together, which makes it look like a screen at an angle. This means that the screen can be seen from many angles, and that it is almost impossible not to notice. On the Digital Big Screen Arrival Domestic West you can reach out with a premium message and create an impact on passengers arriving at the airport at all times of the day.

Digital Big Screens Arrival - 4 screens

On arrival at Oslo Airport, you are met by four large, eye-catching digital screens, both in the domestic terminal and in the international terminal. Due to their spectacular size and location, they are visible to all travelers in the luggage area.

If you combine Digital Big Screen Arrival with Breeze, your brand will dominate the entire arrivals terminal. 66% of all travelers spend more than 15 minutes waiting for luggage.


The Brandwalk Carpark P10

In the transit corridor from the main parking garage to the terminals you will find The Brandwalk banners. There are 14 illuminated screens that give your brand the opportunity to shine in front of everyone who arrives at the airport via the main parking garage at Oslo Airport.


Mega Board Carpark P10

With its unique position right outside the main entrance to Oslo Airport, you will find Mega Board Carpark P10. It is illuminated from the rear and is aimed at all travelers on their way in and out of the airport.


Domestic Arrival Banner

When standing on the escalator on the way down to Flytoget (Flight Train), one is met by the Domestic Arrival Banner, an eye-catching banner with a location that is designed to take its place and place itself on the agenda of the travelers, whether they have just arrived in the area, or they are returning from a journey.


Brandwalk Airport Express

Passengers arriving at Oslo Airport by Flytoget (Flight Train) are exposed to the Brandwalk Airport Express, which is three floors on the opposite side of the train station, with grass in the background as a natural setting. By placing it here, your brand can achieve a strong impact on passengers, especially those who travel regularly and are reminded of your message every time they use the station.


Mega Banner Carpark P10

The Mega Banner dominates the entrance to the main parking garage at Oslo Airport. The garage is located next to the terminal building and is a preferred parking space for those traveling on shorter journeys, such as business trips.



At Oslo Airport, you have the opportunity to let your brand shine. If you choose Engage at Oslo Airport, you can display products in premium locations, either in the check-in area where all passengers travel, or between security control and the duty-free area in the international terminal.



Would you like to know more about how you can strengthen your brand by appearing at airports? Reach out today, and we will assist you.

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