Grocery concept

The grocery concept is tailored with advertising surfaces in close proximity to grocery stores, and has as its main objective to help increase sales and build stronger customer loyalty. We know that influencing the customer close to the purchase situation is very effective. That is why we offer a full-page advertisement in “Dagligvarehandelen” four weeks before the start of the campaign, where we encourage merchants to order an extra amount of the campaign product, so that they are also well prepared for the demand and opportunity that will come.


Number of grocery stores within 500 metres




Coverage in cities with over 50.000 inhabitants


Share of grocery turnover in the catchment area


Why choose the grocery concept?

  • Tailor-made package of static and digital advertising surfaces placed in immediate vicinity of grocery stores.


  • National coverage with extra focus in and around Oslo.


  • The opportunity to influence the consumer close to the purchase situation and the moment of purchase.

A full page in "Dagligvarehandelen"

As part of our grocery concept, we offer a full page in Dagligvarehandelen four weeks before the campaign start.


Dagligvarehandelen is a leading weekly newspaper for the grocery, kiosk and petrol station industry in Norway.


The newspaper has an impressive coverage rate of 94 % in the Norwegian grocery trade. It is an important source of information and has great influence among both consumers and businesses in the industry.


On the page, merchants are encouraged to place larger orders for the promotional product in question.


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