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”In 2019 we have seen a certain increase in dynamic DOOH – with Burger King’s “Traffic Jam Whopper” as a great example. The campaign uses the best of technology and combines it with the core of OOH to reach a large number of people in a contextually relevant environment. The fact that they also succeed in reaching both current and potential customers – at the same time as they are getting a huge PR spread – makes the campaign even more excellent. A really smart campaign that combines creativity and the latest OOH technology. This is something I hope and think we will see a lot more of in the future!”

Finn Wikander
Chief Product Officer, Scandinavia.

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Point of interest.

«Looking back at 2019 we have seen many creative campaigns in Scandinavia, and in Denmark we had our first Hologram adshel. PlayStation chose to place their creative adshel next to a game retailer and became more dominant in their presence by doing so. The combination of a creative product in a relevant environment is a concept that I believe more advertisers will take advantage of in 2020.»

Mohamed Azaquoun
International Key Account Manager, Denmark.

The power of beautiful creatives.

«In 2019, Unilever did a fun campaign with Pukka. This was the perfect combination of a beautiful creative and an interactive campaign. In 2020 I want to see more customers that fully take advantage of our products – both through sampling but also by putting heart into their creatives to deliver campaigns that stand out. Unilever used strong colors that brought light and joy into an otherwise dark autumn, at the same time as they used relevant call-to-action buttons that encouraged interaction. The fact that people passing by received a sample made everyone into winners. This is the kind of campaign that we remember.»

Josefine Castwall af Trolle
Campaign Manager, Sweden.

Augmented reality with OOH.

IIn 2020 we will most definitely see more brands optimizing the possibilities of OOH. Already during 2019 we have seen a couple of examples, and the Northug campaign is one of them. Here, we have a static campaign with billboards and adshels, but that is not all. The campaign is also digital, using augmented reality and Snapchat which gives our products a new dimension. This is the perfect use of the oldest media in the world, and I think we will see more campaigns like this one in 2020.

Isabel Brodtkorb
Project Manager Create, Norway.

Making a difference.

«I would like to raise a campaign that is something more than just creativity. We can already foresee the main focus of 2020 – social sustainability. Kræftens Bekæmpelse’s campaign “Red din fars dag” from 2019 shows how you can use outdoor in an untraditional way to reach deep feelings. The campaign consisted of a competition where the winners got their contribution printed on an adshel close to the home of their father. Even though the outdoor media only were a small part of this campaign, I think this is the best campaign of 2019. It’s fantastic how our media really can make a difference. Campaigns like this is definitely something we will aim to be a bigger part of next year.»

Josephine Faurschou
Marketing Manager, Denmark

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All features of DOOH.

«2019 was the year of flexible smart planned campaigns. In 2020 I believe the focus will shift to creativity and relevant content based on data. Radio P5 managed to create a DOOH campaign with all the features the DOOH media can offer today – full motion to draw attention, dynamic content, 4-screen sync and flexible media planning only showing the campaign during rush hours. Genius.»

Lars Bruto
Digital Commercial Specialist, Norway.

Invest in your artwork.

«In 2020, we will see much better artworks – a distinct trend we already have seen in 2019. I enjoy the fact that brands are investing in delivering good material, and it pays off. The level of effort will decide on the amount of attention the campaign will get. H&M’s really took advantage of the visuals and used the metro as their canvas for their campaign with Giambattista Valli. Previously, brands have been focusing on having nice creatives on social media, but finally they’re starting to understand the great benefits of looking good “in real life” as well.»

Haakon Sanne
Account Manager, Norway.

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