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The summer ahead of us will probably be special in many ways, but the need for relevant communication will still be present. There are many smart, creative and effectful ways to increase brand awareness and this summer will provide plenty of opportunities to create dynamic and relevant DOOH campaigns.

The summer serves great opportunities to work with dynamic messages and campaigns by connecting them to different elements such as the weather, locations, social media, news or current events.

The tools needed to create dynamic messages are relatively simple. The key is to be relevant and increase the attention received. Why not use a customized message at a specific time of the day when you know the demand of the product or service in question is high? One example is the campaign made by 7 eleven in Denmark where they had different offers depending on the time of the day. This was also combined with a message based on the weather outside. When the temperature reached a specific temperature, the message changed to offers considering ice cream instead of foods.

Other great examples of campaigns based on temperature are Åhléns and Willy´s:

Åhléns in Sweden using the weather to set the tone of their campaign and make it feel more alive. The offers change depending on the weather.

Willys in Sweden, also using the weather to inform that it is always time for barbeque. Depending on the weather and temperature the message changed. This campaign also used location as a element.

We know that dynamic DOOH campaigns increases the relevance and therefor also the likability of the campaign. This results in higher attention and ROI. According to the OCS survey made with Posterscope, Clear Channel and Dentsu Data Lab (2019), more than 50% of the population says they are interested in ads and messages with a dynamic connection to the weather. Also, 7 out of 10 says they like seeing campaigns with relevant connections to news, locations and time of week.

Campaigns based on locations can be made to create a local touch on the actual message, or in order to sort out places not suitable for the campaign in question.

SATS in Norway, showing different group-training sessions at the SATS location close to the relevant metro station.

The last years we have experienced an increase in the use of dynamic messages across Scandinavia. Below are some more well executed examples.

Roskilde festival in Denmark, making sure to build up the excitement for their artist line-up.

Coop in Norway using the weather to change their message. using a dynamic countdown and offering a discount with a promotion code based on the location of the campaign.

Another dynamic countdown made by Clear Channel Sweden, showing the time remaining before the Swedish match.

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